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Wireless System

The Banner Sure Cross Wireless System is a radio device network with integrated I/O that can operate in extreme environments while eliminating the need for costly wiring runs. The most basic Sure Cross network includes a Gateway system controller and one or more Nodes that monitor and/or control I/O in remote locations. Nodes are easily deployed throughout a facility for gathering data to be concentrated at the Gateway. Installation is fast and easy with flexible mounting and power options. Nodes can be either 10 to 30V dc powered or Flex Powered with multi-year battery life providing power for communications and to external sensors. The Gateway acts as a master device in a star topology autonomously controlling input-to-output mapping or as a Modbus slave in a host control system using RS-485 Modbus RTU. These product pages describe the various Sure Cross products and include links to the data sheets, which contain specifications and instructions applicable to a specific component or product, not to the entire family of products.


Fire Alarm System